Our Products

The purpose of Vidya cosmetics is to combine the principles of true natural cosmetics with creativity and with a symphony of scents and colors. Our team strongly believes that both the costumer and the environment should be safeguarded; with this in mind, we decided to formulate our products with the cosmetics ingredients dictionary as our guiding principle. This way, we can guarantee that our products do not contain any hazardous raw materials. We avoid using animal ingredients, so that our products are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Attentive to the needs of our customers with allergies or sensitive skin, our laboratories created a line of fragrance-free and nickel tested products.

Yet, choosing for quality should not mean giving up the pleasant feeling of the right texture, the freshness of a fragrance, as well as the effectiveness of a shampoo or a scrub. This is why we put our greatest effort into our “Fragranced” and “Essential Oils” (scented with Essential Oils) lines, to feed the mind and nourish the senses.

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