Our illustrator



When we decided to contact Hannah Willow to propose her a cooperation, we didn’t expect a positive reply so quickly, well aware of the value of her art and of her many commitments. We have been admiring Hannah and her work for quite some time, and we are honored to have her join our staff. Hannah embraced our project with enthusiasm and immediately understood the spirit that drives our company and its products.

Just as we thought, her drawings were successful from the very first sketch. Hannah shares our deep love for Nature, and her connection with the Earth shows in each of her paintings. We believe that the expressiveness of her animal drawings, the beauty of her colors, the skillful use of the different techniques, but in particular the charm of her art, will enchant both those who already know and appreciate her work, and those who will get to know her through Vidya Cosmetics.

Please take a look at her website and Facebook page to fully appreciate this amazing artist and all aspects of her creativity… you will be surprised!

Hannah Willow (artist) on Facebook

Hannah Willow’s website